Photography Project: Van Life

You know how sometimes there is an idea you absolutely cannot shake? Something you know in your heart is what you must do? For a long time now I have felt that. An antsy, uncomfortably exciting idea. I want to do a big thing. A scary thing. A creative thing. I want to live out of a van for one year, capturing everything with my camera and journal. I want to share with as many humans as I can the joys of living simply. Of going against the grain, and with nature. I want to go to beautiful and extreme places in this country. To experience the things we don't normally get to experience. And then I want to publish a book of photographs and journal entries, in hopes to inspire and motivate everyone to get outside. To preserve our natural world. To show that wild landscape and living outside are beautiful and achievable.

To do this, I need to properly equip a van. Solar power for charging basic electronics. Storage systems for everything I own. The list is relatively long, when looking at remodeling the inside of a van. I plan to keep a job that is flexible in order to pay for: a 24/hour gym for showering and wifi. Bills such as cell service. Food and other basic things. There is a lot of planning that needs to happen, and having the basic set-up of the van covered would help immensely.

This is why I have launched a GoFundMe campaign. To help with the basic set-up and to pay for editing and publishing costs once the year is up. I understand this is asking a lot from people. We all work very hard for our money. I feel that what I am trying to do is bigger than money- it's to get people to see that money isn't everything. If we can push against the "normal life" we are given, we can do bigger things. If we can come to comfort and love through nature, we do not need very much.

Please click here to donate to my project. The day before I leave, I will be having a dinner to celebrate and I would love if my donors would come. After one year of dirtbagging, the same thing will happen: a large get together to celebrate.

Thank you for taking the time to read, share the campaign and spread the love.