A fast getaway.

For a bit of time Jon and I were totally immersed in working constantly, dealing with unemployment and moving with very little notice. Life seems to be quite hectic as newlyweds. As the days passed without any type of break on the horizon, we decided to make some time for a very quick adventure north. The fall leaves had just started turning and the air had that slightly crisp quality. It was a necessary thing to do. To stop and breathe and remember what life is all about: the simple things. We decided the best bet was to hit The North Country Trail- it generally sees less people than the SHT and the stillness of the water is incredibly soothing. It was also the perfect time to see mushrooms!


It seems that when life becomes chaos and all emotions and reactions are tied up in work and responsibilities, the best thing for us to do is get out in nature. Sleep outside. See green things and sit on dirt. It's a perfect reminder of who we are, what is important to us and what our goals in life are. It's a difficult thing to know an adventure might just be overnight- when the morning comes and you have to pack up and all you want is to stay one more night. It's so hard to leave. But the fact that we are able to do this when we need to most is key. We're really lucky.


On this outing we were accompanied by Jon's brother, Jeff. He wants to get into backpacking, and we were happy to have him come too. It's always a fantastic when people want to get outside. And really, we all needed a break from the hustle and bustle of "the real world"... or as I call it most of the time- the bullshit. Cause let's face it- nature and wilderness is the real world. It's what everything is from.


The water was perfect and autumn color was peaking out from the bright green that surrounded us. Birds were singing and the water was high.


We got some recovery. We were able to enjoy some quiet time. For the fastest getaway, this was perfect :)