A taste of the future.

With our upcoming move I have been given a great opportunity to start a photography project. There is going to be inspiration around every corner and plenty of time to soak it all up. In order to grow as a photographer and explorer; an appreciator of the natural world, I will be focusing in on three individual goals.

The first goal is to take one landscape photo per day that I am proud of. This can be of any landscape and I am more than happy to include wildlife photography as a part of this. These are my two biggest passions when it comes to photography, and since wildlife doesn’t generally present itself on a daily basis, I feel great about that little caveat.

My second goal is to take one photo per day that would be considered stock. So essentially it can be of anything. To tighten up this loose goal, I am hoping to take macro shots, photos of mundane things and daily life. This is an attempt to appreciate my city and home environments more, and to make my day-to-day life a little more creative.

The third goal I have in mind is to enter more of my work into contests. I've done this in the past and have never been great about following up and continuing to enter. In our new state there are endless photographers and endless photo competitions, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of that. By entering contests, I will need to develop my skills, find my true niche and keep snapping shots.

I plan to bring my camera with me more frequently- not just for big plans and adventures. I'm thankful to have a phone with a nice camera on it. This is a new start with so many opportunities to live what I am passionate about, it's hard to imagine not delving into the photography scene all the way. I am hoping to find mentors and a voice.

Over this last weekend, the husband and I took a trip to our new home to take care of some moving details. It was the first trip I've ever been on without my camera. But I did have my phone and managed to take some beautiful photos. I would like to share a few of them, because I am so excited about our new landscape. This is a very small taste of what is to come and I just cannot wait. This is a dream come true. Please excuse the cellphone quality. The best is yet to come!


We are beyond thrilled to be starting this new chapter. Our goals are lofty and hearts are very full.