A little bit of life.

Behind the scenes of adventure, there is always a lot going on. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of adventure, where you are or how experienced you’ve become. There is always more to life than simply getting rad all the time. 

And lately, I’ve been having some of those times. 

In the political climate we’re in, it’s been hard to simply turn off the news and go explore. The fact of the matter is that we are currently in a pretty scary time; our public lands are being stolen and raped. And the government wishes to continue destroying our beautiful world, our wild country and the places many humans call home or sacred. It is a fucked up situation. There are no bones about it. When you trade morals for money, an avalanche of horrible things begin. And right now, this avalanche wants to roll over the wild lands that make this country amazing. 

I have been dealing with endless scared and overwhelmed feelings about these gross choices, amoung many other choices this disgrace of human garbage is making. Him and his cabinet of slime-for-brains and stone-hearted money grabbers. 

In life, I try to come at most things with compassion and I genuinely try to understand where people are coming from. But Trump is a mentally stunted narcissist and these people make no sense. I know this from personal experience, as my father was dealt similar mental illness. You cannot rationalize with these people, because all they deal in is money and lies. They live in a totally different world. So I refuse to step cautiously around what this blind leader is trying to do. 


Part of what I need to do in order to feel... Good? Okay? A little better? Is to work harder on pushing the messages of conservation, LNT, and other causes I am passionate about. You may be thinking that I already do that. And to some extent you’d be correct. But the fact of the matter is that all of us can do better. Every single person can do a little better. At anything! And everything!  

So I would like to take this moment to say, this blog might not be as regular as it normally is. It might not be updated as frequently as it’s been in the past. And that’s because I am changing the way I utilize time a bit And blogging, while I feel it is important, is not as important as being active to make sure I am doing my part to save the wild. Or something like that.  

I love this blog and I love to share my adventures as a means to inspire others to protect these wild places. And that’ll still happen. My adventures and travel and photography. It’ll all still happen. But I wont be running this site like a part-time job anymore. It’s a little too tricky to do all the things I feel called to do, while posting twice a week every week, ya know? 

So all this being said, I am really thankful for my readers and for the chance to have this platform. I’m excited for the future, because who knows what it will look like! And everyone loves a bit of a mystery. All I know is that conservation is the world to me, because it protects the best things IN the world. I urge you to find out how you can support and implement conservation in much bigger way. Or whatever cause it is you believe in.  

The following photos are from life. Not anything terribly crazy or far from home. Just things and times and places around the cottage. They’re some of the places that need protecting the most. 


These are the sheep that live in our yard. Or all over the mountains in our yard I guess! Because they definitely have a large territory up there. On the day I snapped this, I was walking to the post office to check for mail. A glance up showed me that I had friends along! We have many bighorn sheep in the area. And just a couple miles from here, there is one of the largest herds in North America. Bighorns are some of my very favorite animals for many reasons. When I see them, I still get excited like a little kid. And I see them often. Protecting their habitat is crucial. 


This is my front yard! It was a cold, windy day. All of those cloud-lookin things is actually snow blowing around. The highest point you see it somewhere around 11,000ft I would guess. Maybe a little higher, as the mountains (endless mountains) just beyond, all peak over 12,000ft and many are 13ers. I love this view. Because it inspires me and calls my name. At any point during any day, I can go explore the vast wilderness just outside my door.


Taken the same morning as above, this is Bivy after some snow blew onto his face. He wasn’t into it. 


This is the front yard stream. Actually, this is the backyard stream. The backyard stream is full of waterfalls and excitement. The front yard stream is calm and beautiful and serene. They’re obviously both the same stream... but the personality it takes at various places changes drastically. I love it.


I love sunrise. It’s my most favorite time of day. Dark, quiet, peaceful, and then colors bursting forth in the most whimsical and dramatic way. I feel connected to the world during these times.  


This is a spot not too far from my home. I go here to find early morning solitude and some easy adventure. Plus you know for sure the view is going to be outstanding. The two photos I’ve shared from this area are a couple weeks old now, and the lake has frozen over most of the way. Making for a beautiful change in scenery. 


Ahhh the backyard sunrise. Some of the more outstanding sunrises I’ve caught have been standing in my pajamas in my backyard or in our tiny road. The colors of our mornings are always one of two things. The first being the most brilliant, colorful and stunning display you’ve ever seen. The second is clouds. White and pale blue, opaque clouds covering everything and lowering visibility to basically nothing. Glorious in its own way, but pretty hard to get rad photos of! 


Our sky really is something I’m so in love with. 


A random and cold shot. This is the only street light anywhere near our cottage. The only source of light for many miles.


This was a cloudy morning somewhere near home. Jon was at work and I took Bivy out to explore. Wed just gotten a tiny dusting of snow and the world felt new. 


On that same walk with Bivy. I love all the old mining things near us. Such a wonderful glimpse of the past. The Wild West days were not long ago.  Not at all. I think we all should take pause to reflect on that. Not long ago, this land was wild. It was natural and it was whole. 

In a very short amount of time, the white man has done an incredible amount of damage. It’s gutting. And that is where I must leave this. I am taking more time going forward to do my part to help to restore the wild, conserve and support causes I care about. And I urge you to do the same. If a whole lot of us could help restore natural places with the fervor with which they were destroyed, well, we could really save a lot of land. We could do some pretty epic shit. 

Be a mentor for anyone seeking out the wilderness. Teach those who come after us how to respect and care for these places. It’s the only way to keep them whole.