Back on rock.

With how busy life has been for the past few months, climbing hasn't been much of an option. The times I have been able to fit it in were at climbing gyms and mostly just made for a frustrating situation; between the loss of grip strength and fighting the crowds, it gets pretty discouraging to make time for a hobby you don't actually have time for. So it was extremely nice to have a day off, sunny weather and mountains nearby over the weekend.

We went out to Evergreen to boulder and check out what a short drive can get us, as far as climbing is concerned. Turns out, endless possibilities. It was awesome to really see for ourselves that you can climb most anywhere. It feels so great to know that as I am currently is most likely the worst I'll be at rock climbing for the foreseeable future. Climbing gyms be damned.


What a beautiful and unexpected sight. Beautiful snow covered peaks and a field of buffalo. Colorado sure does know how to make my heart sing. Even while driving!


Along with the feelings of joy towards climbing, we were also totally overcome with emotion when we took some time to explore our surroundings. Everywhere you look is lovely and clean and wild. The trees are happy, the ground is springy and the air smells like heaven.


We weren't able to climb too terribly long. Being out of practice was so obvious and made it a little bit tricky to keep at it. Between total overwhelm at the route options, lack of grip strength and underwhelming flexibility, shit got real. Real quick. But it was so fantastic to get on the rock, bust out the chalk and crashpad and enjoy the peace and quiet of a mountainous morning.


We are both inspired to become our best. Climbing is such a massive passion in my life and being able to boulder wherever and whenever the desire strikes? Unreal. It's so beautiful to be here in Colorado. It's truly home.