Magical morning.

The other day Jon and I went to Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon Open Space to run and play on rocks. We got there especially early to catch the sunrise and have some quiet. We haven't been able to camp or backpack for a grip of time, but these little excursions have been a great way to see some beauty and experience the land that surrounds us. It seems like the past few months have been nothing but change and figuring-out-all-the-stuff. So these small bursts of magic and play and wonder have been important. Without them, we surely would have gone insane by now. 


Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas have quickly become somewhat of a go-to for fast morning getaways and fitness endeavors. The rocks are lovely, the hills are steep and there is good coffee all over for our afternoon end-cap.


It feels as though we are finally settling into life here in our new home, and with that comes a lot of excitement. We have some trips planned out and are so ready to start sleeping under the stars.

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." -Charles Dickens


The sunrise was stunning. I had so much fun watching the early morning birds, as busy as the early morning photographers. Sometimes I would find myself forgetting that this is home. It's a hard one to fully grasp. These gorgeous and wild scenes are something I am able to so easily access and enjoy. And that is amazing.


I followed this bird for around five minutes, watching him jump from tree to tree, completely bugged by the fact that I was following behind. And then we both stopped and he let me take his photo. Isn't he the prettiest?


The peace in this area is consuming and healing. While I haven't been able to enjoy it to the extent that I plan on, running through it and photographing it has been a gift. The past couple weeks have been weird, as I am trying to heal an IT band injury, which is so discouraging sometimes. Getting out into the wild to take photos is at the very least, so inspiring. I can't wait to heal up and get dirty. The trees and the rocks are calling for me!

This is part of an old quarry. I enjoyed seeing nature reclaiming the area and the very rad contrast that has created.

The future is incredibly exciting.