Sleepy Lion Trail.

Jon and I have made a tradition of going for adventures during holidays. While others are worshiping and celebrating in ways we do not understand, we head to our happy places. Outside. For Easter Sunday this year, we went on a nice hike in Lyons. It was Bivy's first hike that was a little bit on the long side, with more varied terrain. We were surprised by just how few people were out on trail! For most of our hike, we were alone. And how glorious that was! The streams were running, wild flowers blooming and sun shining. A perfect morning.

The scenery here was lovely and unique to what we've gotten used to. Spring is rolling in quickly, showing off expansive and colorful meadows. The running water that followed us hummed and chirped a peaceful tune. There was a light breeze that carried the scent of summer and kept us cool, despite the bright and bold sun.

Bonus trip to Rocky Mountain National Park! Because why adventure so close and not stop and say hi? :)

Dogs are not allowed to hike in most National Parks. Rocky included. So while Bivy slumbered in his crate, we drove to some choice locations to soak up the beauty. We would have loved to hike, but Biv is just getting comfortable hanging tight and we didn't want to push that limit for him. But thank the dog gods for tired out puppers. I don't even think he knew we left him for a bit. Pup pro tip: always make the crate a fun thing! Not for punishment, but a means to adventure and chill time.

The park was not busy. In so many ways, we were able to be in our own little world of mountains and puffy clouds and love.