May: a winter wonderland.

Last weekend we were bombarded by a late season snowfall. Some areas got over two feet and the mountains are as pristine and white as ever. I took this as an opportunity to get some photos, explore some magical views and play outside.

As part of the great late-snow adventure, Jon and I took our packrafts to a glorious alpine lake sitting pretty at nearly 10,000ft, surrounded by mountains and sky. It was a beautiful time. I don't think we'd laughed so hard in a long time. Sitting in the middle of that lake in our tiny rafts. A far fetched dream we had for years- and there we were. At the end of May in a snow storm.

After our time out on the (very cold, ask my husband! ;) ) water, we did some driving to see what we could see and hopefully see some rad stuff. And we did! We saw a great big bull moose! And let me tell ya- I don't think I have been that excited for a very, very long time. My whole life exploring the wilderness of Minnesota... never once did I see a moose. I have seen a moose one time, from very far away. And that was last year in Wyoming. And it was a lady moose. So this was different and amazing. We were pretty close and he was massive. And because he was busy munching on sticks, I was unable to get a good photo. But that's okay- because I saw a moose! And that is pretty neat.

So here are my photos from the big snow. What a beautiful world we live in.