GoPro Mountain Games. Our pre-madness camp.

Last weekend I worked media for the GoPro Mountain Games. It was a massive event in Vail and this year was the biggest in the event's history. I have multiple posts planned for my four days spent snapping away, but this one is about the night before. The quiet, more peaceful time :)

For the games, we had a condo to stay at in downtown. But the day before the madness we did what we do best: camp. We stayed in White River National Forest and while we didn't stay long, what we were able to see was all beautiful. There was rain, sunshine and snow. Wildflowers were blooming and the air was clean.

This was the view from our camp spot. Not shabby at all. As a matter of fact, if this had been closer to where the GoPro Mountain Games took place, a condo wouldn't have been necessary. When given the choice between mountain view or city view... you must always go with mountain view. It's good for your soul.

Our spot was green. Our tent was green. Our method of relaxation was green. No complaints. Although I will say, our backpacking tent is quite a change from the luxurious Hillebergs we've gotten used to!

Vail had more butterflies than I've ever seen in the wild. Here is one of them.

It started to rain at two different times. A gentle and tranquil rain that would have been welcome all night.

I want to leave you with Pizza Bird. My unofficial mascot of the GoPro Mountain Games. I look forward to sharing my photos from this crazy and wonderful event, along with my stories and thoughts. Those will be rolling out in the next few weeks :)