The rain at home.

I wrote this post months ago. When there was snow only above treeline and the afternoon storms came out to say HI! every day. I'm not sure why exactly it was never published, but looking back on the photos has been super fun. And I hope it's fun for all of you as well!

For the past month or so, it's rained nearly every day up in the mountains. It tends to rain predictably; a chilly and crisp morning, followed by sunshine. And then 1pm hits and the clouds begin to roll down the slopes of our mountains, covering the rocks and trees in a fine lacelike mist. This tumbling down of clouds lasts anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours. On this day, they took about an hour to roll in. Giving me the perfect opportunity to take some photos. It was also the perfect opportunity for Bivy to get one last playtime in before the storm.

This has become a favorite time of day for us. When the clouds come down it means we'll hear rain pattering on our metal roof. Sweatshirts come out, the lighting dims a bit, and it gets very cozy. Those things usually come after our mad dash to tire out the puppy, mad dash to bring the laundry in and to cover all the firewood we can. It's been a very busy year for us, and while we love to travel and tend to be away a lot, being home is nice. It's an easy way to live.

From our home, you can very easily spot some old mines. This means mining shacks, old cabins, equipment and cut rock. It's a pretty cool reminder of just how recently that way of life was a reality for many people. I believe this area was rich in silver and gold. It's an area that was booming for a while, and then not so much. Currently, not very many people live in these mountains. And we like that!

Many days, we sit on our patio and look at the old mines. It's fun to think about the past. All the things these mountains have witnessed. I'm sure Bivy gives it all much thought too.

Being on the road so often has really made me appreciate these times here.

The clouds creep closer and closer. We notice a few drops of rain. They're always colder than imagined and once they start, there is a good chance that the storm is just minutes away. Time for a couple more throws of Bivy's ball.

Through woods and mountain passes
The winds, like anthems, roll.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In a short span of time, this rain will be replaced by snow. And I have a feeling our cottage will feel even cozier. A warm place to feel love, comfort and peace.

(I created this post sometime early in the autumn of 2017. I don’t know why I never posted it. Maybe it was lost in the shuffle. I’m happy to be able to reflect on it now, in the midst of winter.)