A day on a lake.

Sometimes life isn't about being epic or doing some big adventure. Sometimes life is about taking it easy. Chillin' so hard. Straight floatin'. 

This was one of those days. I slept in until 5am and took some time to drive into town for bagels. Two bagels: an everything with green chili cream cheese and an apple cinnamon with honey cream cheese. With a large coffee. Getting two bagels is one of my simple joys in life. Because why on earth should one have to choose between sweet and savory? Fuck that, live it up, get both. And I'd already had a pot of coffee at home, so the large I ordered was simply for fun. See what I mean? A day for chillin'. These are the days where I am so pleased to be married with no children. It's about indulgence, finding small pleasures and taking my time- something I do so infrequently! I like to move fast, live fast and keep on keeping on. So days like this are few and far between. 

The destination for the day was a lake somewhere between my cottage and Leadville. I actually don't remember what it was called. If I had arrived earlier, I most likely would have seen moose. This area is dense with forest that opens up into low growing foliage, with little creeks and waterfalls flowing delicately into the lake. Upon entry, the sky was blue, the water was still and the solitude was total.

I enjoyed the quiet of the morning very much. It was an opportunity to truly soak in where I am in life. And where's that?  A place I didn't think I'd be for an extremely long time. A place where hard work, effort and passion collided with luck and the kindness of others. It's a good place. You see, I preach positivity, and I believe in it so strongly. But sometimes I forget to be mindful and practice it. Not frequently, but when so much is happening and changing, it can slip through the cracks. Positivity is a practice after all.

On this lazy morning, the plan was to paddle to the middle of the lake, get some photos and then paddle across it, to the base of the mountains. And then back. Which is exactly what I did. Not big effort, not much physical exertion, just cruisin' around, freaking out fish and stuff. I was surprised by he depth of this lake and the darkness of the water. From shore, it appears to be crystal clear, but when you're on top of the water, it's black. It's ominous and strange. Most of the places I paddle are clear. Or green. Or blue. Never black. I now understand the fear people have of dark water. It's no joke! And with my horrendous fear of fish- yes fish, all fish, hate fish -the dark water had me feeling pretty scared. 

Once I paddled across the lake, I took it easy and hung around the shoreline for the way back. Oh the joys of clear water. This eased my mind and gave me more time to gather my thoughts on life, it's weird when you take time to think about life, isn't it? I don't know anyone who's life goes according to plan all the time, so what a joy it is when many BIG things work out. I began counting my blessings. Or lucky stars. And here are some of the things I am painfully, beautifully, strongly grateful for: 

  • Jon. Supportive, kind, communicative, fun and sexy. What a guy!
  • Bivy. It's wonderful to have such a nice puppy. He's smart and loves adventure as much as snuggling. He completes our family. 
  • The kindness of strangers. It's kind of baffling how helpful people are. I feel like we're taught to fear strangers and to not lean on them. Bullshit. People want to help. This is a lesson I have learned a million times over. People are good. 
  • Finding our home. We wanted a home with mountains right out the door. We wanted a tiny and simple cabin. And we lucked into an ideal situation. 
  • Freedom. There are very few things I have to do that I don't want to do. And I would like to be extremely honest about that. Of course there are things I don't want to do. And I work very hard. But I play a ton and have freedom to choose when to grind. Not acknowledging that is really ridiculous.  
  • Mountains. I grew up in mountains. I dreamed for years and years of living in mountains. I find comfort in mountains. I feel safe in mountains. And mountains are a huge part of my life now. It's an incredible thing.  
  • My body. It does cool stuff. All of the time! Climbing mountains, paddling, running, seeing things, hearing things, tasting things. Feeling emotions and communicating. Pretty rad. At anytime, any of those functions could stop.  

So those are some of the wonderful things I don't take for granted. They're some of the things I am thankful for every day. This morning of paddling was a moment of reflection and introspection. Much needed and much appreciated. 

What are you most thankful for? What are some of the everyday things you will never take for granted? And where do you go to reflect on such things? We live in a glorious world. Find a special place and appreciate it. These spots on the globe are important.  And sometimes we gotta go deep.