Events, group hikes, teaching and future things.

It seems that this fall is bringing as much as possible for Let’s Play Instead and for me as a person. The next few months are full of nothing but events, roadlife and adventure. But of course, with all of that comes very hard work. Moving to Colorado has provided opportunity I could have never imagined and it’s dope to be living these dreams. This post is just to catch up on events and other things that will be happening during the next few months. If you have any questions or would like to attend an event, please feel free to contact me! I would love to see as many readers as possible this autumn!

And a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who helped raise money or gave time to Big City Mountaineers this summer. We donated a lot of money and it couldn’t have been done without such tremendous support and passion. Thank you to all who show up for my events as well. It’s rad to be building a community based on play, knowledge and experience. 



September 29th-31st
14er Fest
14er Fest is about mountains and doing things in them- off-roading, paddling, fishing, hiking, running and mountain biking. There will be lie music and libations from local breweries and dystilleries. During this event you can find me on trail or at the MHM tent. On Saturday the 30th, at 1pm I will be speaking on backpacking food and trail nutrition. This is a free event! So that is super rad. It’s going to be a blast and the fact that it’s in Buena Vista means the scenery is enough to bring you out!

October 13th-15th
Go Outside Festival
The Go Outside Festival is in Roanoke Virginia. Think GoPro Games, but a hair smaller. Come explore the Blue Ridge Mountains and meet new friends. There are so many events to watch and take part in. Plus live music and food and stuff. I’ll be at the Kokopelli booth! Come say hi and learn about how epic life would be with a packraft.

Group Hikes! 

September 17th, 5am
Silver Plume Mountain
So this is a new thing! Starting with this kick-off hike, I will be hosting group hikes in the mountains through my ambassador role with Hike Like A Woman. I plan to host one hike per month, year round. You can find the the group HERE! Do note that this event is for women only and It’s preferred that you do not bring dogs. Hikes will all take place between Guanella Pass and Leadville and will be a minimum of 6-miles. Cannot wait to see everyone and make new friends!


Second week of October
Need to know everything about the basics of cold weather camping? Cool. I’m teaching that. You can sign up through HLAW and the class will be presented online during the second week of October: 8th-14th. This should be very informative and a lot of fun. I look foreword to spreading my love for the winter and hope to inspire women to get their asses out in the cold to play in the snow covered wilderness.

Future Things! 

October 5th-27th
Road Trip
Jon and I will be hitting the road for the month of October. So if you’re in Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Ohio or Indiana and see a Kokopelli van cruising by or parked somewhere amazing, don’t be a stranger! We want to paddle with you and show you our boats. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get rad. I know we’ll be!