An autumn day in the Rockies.

The sky was gold and it transformed into red. A rapid change. Much like the leaves, from green to bright yellow and orange. Autumn

It’s a special time of year. To reflect and grow and change. To come up with new plans and explore new places. 


It is always inspiring to explore Rocky Mountain National Park. It's one of my favorite places on earth. It feels like home. I have memories from this place going back over 25 years. One of my first memories is hiking Flat Top Mountain. I don't know how old I was, but I would guess four. I know Deer Mountain was the first mountain I summited by myself and Lily Mountain was shortly after that- putting me around three? All of that is just to say, me and The Park go way back. It has always been my safe place.


Seeing Longs Peak is always exciting to me. Any view will do. It was my first 14er and the place I married my husband. On this particular morning, Longs looked regal and it looked peaceful. 


The color was beginning to change. Transforming the landscape from a brilliant green wilderness to a whimsical land of gold and orange. The pine green and dense as always, but looking radiant against the pops of color.


We ended up heading to the Indian Peaks Wilderness, via the Peak to Peak Highway. Here, the colors were intense and dense and bright. 

This land is my home. It has always been my home. I have such pride to be here- to have made the dream become a reality. And after all the time I've been here, it still feels new. Like a each day is a wonderful gift. And I don't think that feeling will ever go away.