Colorful Colorado.

Ahhh fall in the mountains. There really is nothing better. Crisp air, crunchy and colorful leaves and the promise of cozy mornings and nights at home.  


It’s days like this that make me so thankful to be living where we do. It makes all of the hard work and sacrifice it took to get here worth it. One year ago today I was in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was a wonderful location; Grand Avenue. But I am not a city person and never have been. It was hard to get away from the lights and noise. A stark contrast to life today, where the brightest light is the moon and the only constant noise is our creek and birdsong. 


The colors are at about 75% in our mountains. It’s glorious. It’s enveloping and crisp. It truly feels like a wonderland.


Sometimes on days like this, the best thing to do is drive. It’s the only way to fully experience the vast and bright landscape. Of course, we do get out of the car to hike and play and explore, but we do enjoy getting the Jeeps dirty and bumping around on mountain roads. 


Bivy loves days like this as well- he gets to spend time with us and sniff so many things. The air is full of good things that he seems to absolutely love. 


The colors of fall take my breath away. A fun fact about me is that I am color blind. Not all the way, and from what I gather, the colors I see are just skewed. More on the brown(?) side and I cannot tell the difference between dark colors. In autumn, I feel like I can see everything. The world is my palette. Yellows and oranges and pinks. Contrasting with dark green pine and dark grey rock. The skies are so vivid and the clouds are so white. When the aspens are kissed with a gentle breeze they sparkle and sing. And it all feels perfect. 


If you are currently checking out color in wonderful Colorado, I suggest two very accessible places that are brilliant right now. Guanella Pass and Boreas Pass. Located about an hour or so from Denver, they’re both mountain passes that can be driven in any type of car- as long as you stay on the main road. Do not go off the main roads unless you are driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle with good clearance. All of these photos are taken from places in Guanella and Boreas. If you are able to, I suggest going early in the week. A Monday or Tuesday. You’ll likely have the roads to yourself. To explore and find peace and be amazed by the colors.


The fall season is short. It must be soaked up and enjoyed with haste and passion. We’ve got about a month left of nature putting on her most vivid makeup. Don’t miss it. 


Where is your favorite place to enjoy fall color? What is your favorite part of autumn? I can never get over the crisp air and new scents that come with it.